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GPS Speedo & Media Control

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  • No hardware required!
  • GPS Speedometer Display
  • Rider Presets
    • Wake & Surf Speed, Playlist Url
  • Automated “Tow Timer” (long-press to restart)
  • Adaptive volume leveling
    • Lowers phone output volume as you slow down to pick up a fallen rider
  • Media control
    • Adjust volume
    • Media Controls
      • Apple: Apple Music
      • Android: Youtube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, (interfaces with Youtube Music, Spotify, ect)
  • Pitch and Roll angle measurements for Surf wave optimization

Not Included:

Note:  iOS app may not have all the features that the Android app does, but we are actively working to catch it up.



2 reviews for GPS Speedo & Media Control

  1. Jay marshall

    The GPS speedometer worked great, it was a quick fix for my broken gauge, but the beauty of this app is the automatic volume control. No more blasting music when you slow down to pick up a downed rider. There’s absolutely no going back!

  2. Robert Gray

    Can’t wait for it to be available for iPhones too!

    • nickinav

      iOS available in the app store now!

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