Cruise Control You Can Count On

GPS Boat Speedometer & Speed Control System

NICKiNAV is a GPS boat Speedometer & Speed Control System with Bluetooth connectivity, replacing expensive Instrument Gauges by using your Android Phone or Tablet.

NICKiNAV is designed to accurately maintain your desired speed, offering a more enjoyable experience for both the driver and rider, it also integrates volume control when retrieving a fallen rider. As the speed decreases, so does the level of the volume.  

 This affordable upgrade is sure to impress anyone who enjoys wakeboarding, slalom skiing, wake surfing and more.


The NICKiNAV GPS Speedometer can use either the phones built-in GPS or the external dash mounted GPS puck and resolves many of the typical issues that may affect the accuracy of a paddle-wheel or pitot tube speedometer (including water turbulence, weeds, update lag, and overall calibration).

Nickinav with logo and boat


To facilitate a safe and smooth retrieval of a fallen rider, volume control is automatically reduced. This allows for better communication with both the fallen rider and your passengers.


NICKiNAV monitors your current speed via the dash mounted GPS puck. Small variations in speed can be instantly corrected by adjusting your engines throttle input at 10 times per second. The NICKiNAV control module will make sure your boat has a rock solid lock on your desired set-speed, giving both the driver and rider peace of mind.